Vin Armani wins "Most Influential Bitcoiner" award as voted by Vin Armani


The 2018 MIB (Most Influential Bitcoiner Award) has been awarded to Vin Armani for the 4th consecutive year. The annual award ceremony, organised, hosted, and voted on by Vin Armani, is heralded by the event promotors as the night of nights in the crypto-sphere, and an opportunity for the public to discover who exactly is worth listening to in Bitcoin-land.

Voting is carried out solely by Vin Armani, a BCH developer who describes himself as “the most humble man in the world”.

In accepting his award this year, Vin shared the struggle the last 12 months has brought. “It’s been a difficult year for all of us. I don’t mean just the price of our investments. I mean that last month I found someone in crypto who hadn’t been reading all of my tweets. I felt so sorry for them. I mocked them of course, as that’s the only way for them to learn. But I just want to say a big congratulations to everyone who follows me on Twitter, and has alerts turned on. As someone who used to have a very successful TV show, it’s important that everyone on the internet understand that my opinion is the correct one.”

In attendance were many fellow BCH fans, including Roger Ver, who spoke with CBD after the award ceremony. “Is it weird that Vin is awarding himself these trophies? Maybe. But compared to the shit I’ve seen in crypto, this is pretty tame. I mean, have you heard of Zcash? It’s a crypto I helped launched that literally has a tax that’s taken out and given to the “founders”. I mean, I’m on record as saying tax is theft probably a million times, but I pumped a coin that has tax literally baked into the protocol. So I just want to congratulate Vin on his award, and I think he’s very handsome and intelligent for investing in the same coin I invest in.”