Tone Vays predicts BTC price will likely either go up or down

In his latest “Trading BTC” YouTube video, famed BTC trading advisor made the bold prediction that the price of BTC might actually go down in the coming days.

Mr Vays also pointed out that alternatively, if the BTC price doesn’t go down it will instead go up.

Tone Vays has an incredible track record with BTC price predictions, having predicted last months BTC price spike perfectly when he said “the price could go down further from here but let’s be honest, it could also go up”.

Tone Vays spoke with us about his incredible track record of making profits from trading.

CBD: So you’re essentially living off BTC these days?

Vays: I’ve found trading BTC to be incredibly profitable. I basically make a full time living from it.

CBD: So you trade successfully then?

Vays: No, I charge people 0.2 BTC for in person trading training sessions. I’d never trade myself. That’s madness. I make WAY more money this way.

CBD: Some people say your predictions are very vague and always have caveats so you can claim you were never wrong. What do you say to that?

Vays: Those people don’t understand trading terminology. Anyone who’s done my trading course would know what I meant when I say something like ‘this dead cat bounce is a bull trap pushing the resistance but if we break the 200 day MA then we can expect upward or downward pressure to cause a breakout depending on the flying cross close on day 9 of the trend’.

CBD: That’s a lot of trader lingo. Your training course must be really in depth.

Vays: Yes it is. You will learn all about what those candles mean, and what the open and close prices indicate about the future.

CBD: Why do you use open and close prices when crypto markets never actually open and close?

Vays: errr….

CBD: Haven’t all the big moves recently just been at the whim of whales? Can charts really predict what some billionaire is going to do on any given day?

Vays: Well… umm…. Look, altcoins are scams, alright. I support BTC so I’m not a scammer, clearly. I was at a conference recently where I was depicted as a knight protecting BTC so I’m one of the good guys. Your questions are making me uncomfortable.

CBD: Sorry, just trying to learn. Can you tell us what your prediction is for the coming weeks based on the charts?

Vays: Yes, it’s pretty obvious actually. There’s a good chance that if the price moves up from here we can expect it to keep going up, but if it starts to fall, that might mean we’re heading south.

CBD: Very clear. Thanks for your time Mr Vays.