Podcaster Peter McCormack asks for donations to help rebuild his home that he destroyed

BTC advocate and podcaster Peter McCormack has expressed outrage at the decision of his kitchen to become unusable after a drunken night of smashing things, and has reached out to his audience asking for donations to help him repair his home.

He spoke with CBD about his announcement and his hope for assistance from the community.


“Honestly, when I got drunk and started laying into my kitchen, I had no idea that it would actually break stuff. My oven is now completely unusable, my dishwasher won’t turn on, and the cupboard doors are all gone. Literally all I did was spend 6 hours straight laying into all the walls and benches and stuff with a sledge hammer, and now the place is destroyed”.

McCormack says he’s not going to let the injustice stand. “Frankly, no-one could have expected my kitchen to react the way it did. Even the dining room has sustained damage. It’s outrageous. So I’ve contacted some of the best builders in the country and they’ve agreed to defend me against this nonsense that I had no fault in at all, and will repair the entire place. Obviously it’s in the interest of everyone, not just me, but my entire audience, for me to successfully renovate my entire house. So I’m asking for donations to help make this happen. I know I’ve been mocking everything that’s not BTC right now, but I’ll gladly take any coin, especially BitCoin SV. That stuff has pumped 150% in the last month so those folks will be loaded right now. Plus I expect it to pump again next month, despite what all the BTC maxies are saying on Twitter. Right now I can’t afford to be an idealist. I just need money.”

Mr McCormack said if the fundraising for the repair of his home was successful, he would consider a second fundraiser to replace his car, which mysteriously sunk when he drove it into Priory Lake last Friday. “No one could have known that the car would sink,” said Peter. “It’s nonsense. That Lake has been abusing and mistreating cars for too long. We should fix it by everyone sending me money for a new car.”

Mr McCormack also asked people not to send him Tether. “I spoke with Phil Potter off air and he assured me that shit is worthless. Don’t send me Tether.”