New conference launches focused on avoiding discussion of Craig Wright


Following the viral popularity of a Craig Wright themed talk at the Coin Center dinner during the “Consensus” Conference in New York this week, several influential voices in the space have announced the launch of the annual “Don’t talk about Craig Wright” conference.

Neeraj Agrawal, Chief Shitposter at Coin Center, spoke with us briefly about his thoughts on the new conference. “Yeah look we don’t really have a lot to do at Coin Center other than write letters to politicians, so using some of our funding to attend another conference is a great idea if you ask me. And as far as the focus of the conference goes, I think it’s important we all stop talking about Craig Wright so he can’t influence this space any more. And the best way we can do that is to have an annual conference focused on just that.”

Mr Agrawal’s colleague, Peter Van Valkenburgh, echoed Mr Agrawal’s sentiments. “Yes our talk and dinner we hosted focussed on Dr Wright was a big hit. And so based on that there’s clearly a need for people to come together regularly to focus on ways to not talk about Craig Wright.”

We asked why the focus of the dinner was on Craig Wright.

“People really need an enemy in order to feel united. I learned that watching Independence Day with Will Smith. All those aliens made people realise it didn’t matter what nationality they were, they all hated aliens. And Craig is our alien. So if we can get the crypto community to just focus on hating Craig, then we might be able to stymie some of the toxic inter-coin fighting that goes on at these conferences. You should have seen the boys from the Noded podcast on day one of Consensus. They were actually throwing pieces of raw lamb wrapped in pages of The Bitcoin Standard at EOS developers. It was only when I started to talk about Craig Wright that everyone calmed down and realised they had so much in common. So I believe Craig Wright, regardless of whether or not he actually invented Bitcoin, is a force that can unite the world.”

Ripple, MtGox, and Stellar founder, Jeb McCaleb, also had shining things to say about the conference. “Honestly, whenever someone questions me about my involvement in Mt Gox, or Ripple, or any other shitcoin I’ve launched, all I have to do is say “How about that Craig guy!” and immediately the person likes me and buys whatever I’m selling. It’s become my go-to move, and I suggest anyone who is launching an ICO simply to put “Craig Wright is not allowed to buy this” in their whitepaper and it will be a guaranteed hit. I think this conference is a great idea. We need to discuss more ways of how to focus on not making a big deal about Craig. Whenever we talk about him, more people investigate him and some actually listen to what he says and realise it makes a lot of sense. We can’t have that. Craig says things like “there should only be one blockchain.” Having launched at least two myself that I can recall, I don’t want a voice like that gaining influence. In fact, I hope to launch another cryptocurrency at this conference next year. You know what they say, the world needs lots of difference currencies to make things simpler.”

Not everyone felt the same way about the conference. We had a chat with Peter McCormack from the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast, a podcast focussing on the journey of someone who wanted to get rich buying crypto but after losing it all trying to be a miner even though he didn’t know what a difficulty adjustment was, found that it was more sustainable to simply sell advertising targeting other people who want to get rich buying bitcoin. Peter said he thought the conference was probably not the best move. “Look, I only hold Bitcoin now, and I think if we want to ensure people don’t talk about Craig Wright any more, I should probably do a 10 part podcast series discussing ways we can avoid talking about Craig Wright. I might see if Kraken wants to sponsor it, even though I should tell you I only hold Bitcoin now. I know the blonde nerd in charge of Kraken hates Craig. Hey don’t tell him I said he’s a nerd. Honestly everyone at these conferences are nerds. I tried to talk about AC/DC with one group of people and they all thought I was an electrical engineer discussing alternating current or something. Hey have I told you I only hold Bitcoin now?”