New Bitcoin Core update allows you to control your twitter troll army from inside app

The Bitcoin Core dev team have announced a new update to the Bitcoin Core software, version 0.18.666. In the release notes for the update, the Core team discuss a much requested feature that has finally arrived, namely the ability for node users to manage their hundreds of anonymous Twitter troll accounts from inside the Core software itself.

CBD spoke with Dragon’s Den organiser and Core developer BTCDrak about the exciting update.

“Yeah we’ve been discussing the feature for a long time. Ever since proof leaked of the Core team running an organised social media troll army, we figured there’s no point hiding it any more, and we should give all Bitcoin users the ability to participate in the social media anon troll account movement. We want the troll army to be as decentralised as possible, so now the Core software gives you the ability to automatically shitpost, participate in twitter pile-ons, auto-follow other BTC twitter trolls, and there’s even pre-poulated text that you can use for your twitter bot accounts to automatically post.”

Other devs weren’t completely thrilled with the feature. One dev who asked not to be named said he was very disappointed with the decision. “Jesus fucking christ what the actual fuck is wrong with those dragon’s den morons, since when is the real world even on twitter?! I told them they had to put Facebook and instagram bot integration into Core, not Twitter integration. These idiots don’t know the first thing about manipulating social media. I’m thinking we might need to fork off so we can have a version of Core that runs Facebook troll armies instead. This is an important issue for the future of Bitcoin so expect a hash-war soon.”

Have your say in the comments: Do you think Bitcoin Core should have had a Facebook troll army tool instead of the the Twitter troll army tool, or is Twitter the right decision?