Ku Klux Klan distances itself from "toxic BTC" and Blockstream

A copy of The Bitcoin Standard, by Saifadean Ammous.

A copy of The Bitcoin Standard, by Saifadean Ammous.

The Ku Klux Klan has announced plans to stop using BTC following an “unprecedented” display of toxic behaviour from the BTC camp, including from the likes of Saifedean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard.

Mr Ammous was out in full force, defending the behaviour and calling for more. “I wrote the Mein Kampf of BTC for a reason. I want more of this stuff. We need to bully and abuse people until they either submit and join us, or are too scared to ever publicly disagree with us.”

Supporting Mr Ammous’ extreme position was the notorious Blockstream company, the organisation most notable for employing a team of toxic twitter trolls to help “re-eductate” people who disagreed with their scaling suggestions. Samson Mow, chief spokesperson for Blockstream had this to say. “We’ve decided to set up special, um, accommodation facilities, for people we find at cryptocurrency conferences who criticise the Lighting network or Liquid. Anyone found defending those we disagree with or complaining about the abuse will also be, er… encouraged, to attend. If they don’t attend with their full consensus we’re going to hard fork their life savings off the network, and don’t think we can’t!”

A Ku Klux Klan press release stated that the BTC movement had become even too toxic for them, and by accepting payments in BTC their brand was being hurt. “Look, even we have standards,” said a spokesperson for the KKK. “But these BTC maxies seem to have none at all. They eat their own. They turn on anyone asks for an explanation even. I even saw some dude with no tech experience at all who just wrote a nonsensical book about Bitcoin demand that all BTC core devs be forced to stop contributing if they didn’t like being abused regularly. I think even one of the founders of Blockstream just disavowed them. To be frank, we were wondering why we were paying $6 in transaction fees anyway, and now we’ve realised they’re all nut-jobs, we might consider something a little less toxic, like maybe the blood of dead virgins, for payments.”