Greg Maxwell wins starring role in upcoming Tarantino psycho-thriller

News broke today in the crypto-sphere of Blockstream’s most beloved son Greg Maxwell landing the starring role in the upcoming Tarantino thriller about a man with split personality disorder who tries to destroy people he doesn’t like.


Director and producer Quentin Tarantino spoke with CoinBlockDesk about the surprising choice for the coveted role. “Maxwell isn’t encumbered by something most people carry, and that’s a moral compass. He has absolutely no problem deceiving people into believing he’s someone he’s not, and this means he will be able to act in a convincing way that few actors ever achieve. I’ve seen conversations held by Greg on Reddit by himself, where he was 3 different people discussing an issue. He’s already been able to trick thousands of idiots online into believing paying high fees when they send money online is a good thing. I’m super confident he’ll be able to convince any audience that he’s our lead character, Charlatan, who has an untold number of personalities he uses to manipulate and control others.”

Mr Maxwell said he was thrilled to accept the role. “When I heard about the offer, I was in the middle of seeding some new automated malware that DDOSes any website with the words Craig Wright in it. I was so thrilled about the award I had to stop straight away and share with my friends on Reddit. Literally ALL the comments were so supportive. It’s a shame I won’t be able to focus on my first love, that is running my bespoke collection of twitter accounts. But I think ultimately this movie role is what I’ve been training for my whole life. All those countless conversations with myself on Reddit and Twitter ended up paying off. Grammy always said I was going mad and should put some clothes on and go outside. WELL WHO’S LAUGHING NOW GRAMMY?!!! YEAH THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR DISCONNECTING THE WIFI! I TOLD YOU I KNEW HOW TO MAKE MUSTARD GAS! YOUR FUNERAL WASN’T EVEN PACKED!”

Mr Maxwell wasn’t lying about the outpouring of support on Reddit. User “Contrarian” expressed solidarity with Greg. “Well done friend,” said Contrarian. “You deserve this more than anyone I know. If you ever need help with the role just reach out.” Another user, Nullc, also shared those sentiments. “Personally, I’m pulling out the champaign [sic] that you landed this awesome role. Amazing work. You’re going to be great at this. I should know.”