Doctors issue warnings as Bitcoin investor hospitalised after hitting own head against wall listening to “What Bitcoin Did”


A Bitcoin investor is in hospital today after listening to the latest interview by Peter McCormack on the What Bitcoin Did podcast. His doctor spoke with the media earlier today describing the situation. 

“It’s an all too common story to be honest,” said Dr Smith. “From what we could tell, the podcast host said “I’m not technical enough” for the twentieth time then proceeded to try and refute a really well explained point made by the guest. In such circumstances it’s very common for listeners to become so frustrated they involuntarily slam their heads against nearby hard surfaces, such as desks, walls, or computer monitors.”

The interview in question appears to have been with Peter Rizun, a notable “big block” advocate in the Bitcoin community, who was discussing SPV wallets, the pitfalls of the Lightning network, and the likelihood of everyone ending up with custodial wallets if the Lightning network was ever to be used. 

“I had a listen to the interview myself,” said Dr Smith, “and for the life of me I can’t figure out what a guy like this Peter bloke is doing pretending to be an authority on Bitcoin. He appears to have no technical understanding at all. At one point I swear I heard him say he hadn’t looked into Bitcoin SV at all, but I checked his twitter account and he appears to be informing his large audience that it’s definitely a scam. Imagine if someone with no biology or medical understanding ran a popular surgery podcast! It would be a laughing stock. My fear is we’re going to see more self inflicted head trauma from people who listen to podcasts like this. We think they really need to come with a warning of some sort.”