Craig Wright thanks BCH / BTC supporters for free advertising

Following the U.S. Copyright Office awarding Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright registrations for the whitepaper and early computer code, social media has exploded with news of the event, coinciding with a massive increase in the BSV price.

CBD spoke with Dr Wright about the news, and the support he has been shown by the BTC and BCH communities.

“I have been looking forward to announcing this, but honestly the reception has been beyond my wildest dreams. For example Vin Armani, who I confess I’ve clashed with in the past, has been kind enough to post over 20 times on Twitter to his audience about the copyright registration. Peter McCormack, who believe it or not I’m actually suing, recently tweeted that EVERYONE needed to read the Bloomberg article about the copyright, and I’ve even gone viral on r/Bitcoin. They normally ban anyone who says “craig”. The publicity has been overwhelming, and it’s helped drive the BSV price way up there.”

Dr Wright asked that a warm-hearted thanks be shared with those who have been so generous in sharing the news. “I was actually trending on Twitter, even the Telegram BTC Permabulls group run by that Tether shill Alistair Milne was promoting me, and I basically struggled to find a BTC shill account on social media that wasn’t talking about me. Every altcoin shill account was talking about the great news too. I really don’t think there’s any amount of money or planning that could have pulled off a marketing effort like this. I just want to say a massive thank you to the BCH and BTC camps for their generosity.”

We reached out to Vin Armani about his generous publicity of the copyright registration, but he just started talking about archetypes and antichrists and dragons and stuff and it got super weird so we cut it short.