BTC investors add "copyright" to list of things that are definitely not proof of being Satoshi

Following the announcement that Craig Wright successfully registered copyright of the Bitcoin Whitepaper and the Bitcoin software, BTC supporters have updated their list of things they would definitely never accept as evidence of Craig Wright being Satoshi.

Jameson Lopp, speaking to CBD, said he should have thought about it earlier but had been too busy cleaning his assault rifle collection. “Yeah, so basically if he signed something, that doesn’t prove he’s Satoshi, same if he moves the coins. All that proves is he has the keys. So if he ever does that we’ll just say he murdered the real Satoshi. Also if he has receipts for domain registrations, that doesn’t count. The testimony from Joseph VaugnPerling, a respected member of the crypto community, doesn’t count because… well, I dunno, and of course other witnesses saying he invented Bitcoin don’t count either. And now I have to add winning copyright over the Bitcoin whitepaper or code isn’t evidence either. I should say, winning in court isn’t evidence either because I’m smarter than any judge, just ask my twitter followers.”

We asked what Mr Lopp would accept as evidence of Dr Wright being Satoshi, the inventor of Bitcoin. “Well, I thought about it, and basically I’m too deep into this Craig is a Fraud cult, that I really don’t think I can ever back out. Me and G Max have just decided that whatever evidence comes to light we’ll just shout “LOL” until we can come up with a plausible explanation as to why Craig can’t have been Satoshi.”

We also spoke to our good friend Peter McCormack about the news. “Mate, I don’t understand bitcoin, and I don’t understand the legal system. But I’ll challenge Craig to a drinking competition. If he wins, I’ll tweet that he’s Satoshi and I’ll buy 3 Bitcoin SV coins. If I win, he has to give me his lambo for the weekend.”