BTC investor reaps massive ROI with 45 retweets

Part time security guard and BTC investor Jordan Jones (@JJBTC4eva69) says his investment in BTC was starting to pay off, with a recent tweet receiving 45 retweets and counting.

“Yeah I bought Bitcoin when it was about $20,000 on the advice of some prominent twitter accounts like Parabolic Trav, but the price tanked. Then I saw Adam Back say he was still buying when it hit $9000 so I bought more too just like I was encouraged to.”

“Well my fiancé left me, but finally my investment appears to be paying off... not money-wise of course, but with influence on twitter.”

Mr Jones shared with CBD the story of his amazing run up to achieving the high numbers that have left other investors extremely jealous.

“The other day I changed by avatar to the hodlonaut cat and I tweeted #weareallhodlonaut with a middle finger emoji and I got like 6 retweets and 14 likes. So that was super encouraging. I started to think maybe BTC was a good investment after all.”

“So I looked for some more opportunities to jump on this bandwagon and finally spotted my chance. I came across this YouTube video where Gavin Andresen explains how Craig Wright used cryptography or some shit to prove he had a genesis key or something, I have no idea what that is, and I decided to tweet the video along with the words What an idiot! #delistBSV”

“Well it worked a treat, I got sooo many retweets, and my phone has been pinging like crazy. It’s had like 45 retweets so far which is basically viral. @HODLdeezBTCNUTZ told me I clearly knew my stuff and suggested I go on the What Bitcoin Did podcast.”

We asked if Jordan had plans to keep buying BTC.

“Dude I’m completely broke and the credit card is maxxed. I’ve been stealing other people’s screenshots of their Cashapp bitcoin purchases so I can join in the hashtag #stackinsats. So no, I’m just hoping we can make it back to 16 grand and I’m dumping the lot. That’s partly why I have to keep encouraging others to buy this thing, so I can get my money back from someone else buying in. Heck, I can’t use this as currency because the fees to spend it fluctuate too much. But I’ve realised you don’t actually need to own any Bitcoin to be a Bitcoin influencer anyway. I might even set up some more Twitter accounts and retweet myself a bit.”