Aspiring crypto trader shocked to learn real traders aren't on Twitter

Crypto-trader-hopeful @bigGAINZ69 says he struggled to deal with the revelation that successful cryptocurrency traders might not actually be on Twitter giving away their secrets.

He spoke with CoinBlockDesk about his discovery, and how he’s learning to cope with the future.

CBD: Can you tell us how you got into crypto and about your trading experience.

@bigGAINZ69: I’ve been trying to trade my way back to break even ever since getting into crypto on boxing day 2017. I basically picked the exact top of the market and am down about 99.8%. I nearly made some money back with BSV but I dumped them under the advice of some dude with a podcast. Anyway, I’ve been studying all the pro traders on Twitter for over a year now, and I honestly just kept losing money.

CBD: Why did you think people on Twitter knew anything about trading?

@bigGAINZ69: Yeah well that’s what I’m asking myself now. See, a couple of months ago I quote-tweeted this bird who had some great charts showing that BTC was going to be at $50,000 by the end of the year. And some dude named @youreanidiot just wrote LOLZ as a reply. Anyway, I went 20x long on Bitmex based on her predictions, then the market tanked and I was closed out overnight. I messaged the woman who posted the chart and she said if I was a paid subscriber to her group I would have got the REAL advice.

CBD: So you realised she was a scammer selling worthless subscriptions?

@bigGAINZ69: Well, err, no. I paid. And then I lost even more money following the advice she gave in that group. See, it was never clear what the advice was. It was always things like “it might go up but it could go down”. So I messaged the dude who wrote “lolz” at me and asked why he laughed. I thought maybe he knew something.

CBD: And what did you learn?

@bigGAINZ69: Well, he asked me if I honestly thought that if someone could make serious money trading why on earth they’d sabotage their own strategy by selling what they know to strangers on the internet for $50 a month. And I realised he might have been right! I mean, if someone knew how to successfully arbitrage trade, or call when a coin would move up or down, why on God’s green earth would they tell me about it? Telling other people would actually kill the strategy! They’d keep it a secret as long as possible, or maybe they’d tell me AFTER they’d entered their position so they could dump on me. Gah! I was such a fool!


CBD: So do you plan to stop trying to trade now?

@bigGAINZ69: No way. Now that I’ve figured out how this thing works I’m starting my own trading group. Memberships are only $49 per month and I just use some trading view charts and fancy terms I googled and people are signing up already! I’m mostly focused on low-cap coins so I can get in then tell my audience, and actually sell to them. But the thing is, I actually look like I predicted the rise, even though I was the one who CAUSED IT! Hey have you ever heard of dentacoin?