"Actually usable as money" credited as the surprising reason for BSV's meteoric rise

Confusing the naysayers yet again today, Bitcoin SV continued its rise up the ranks of Coinmarketcap, now knocking on the door of the token that started the entire delistbsv movement, CZ’s special piece of fecalcrypto, BNB.


The confusion on Twitter and Telegram has been coupled with outrage, as frustrated investors curse Binance CEO CZ and Kraken head nerd Jesse Powell over their decision to rob their customers of incredible returns. As the crypto community searched for answers, they appear to have come to the startling realisation that BitcoinSV might be attracting investors because it’s useful as a currency.

Former BTC Maximalist @coinzlyf69 said it took him a while to understand what the appeal was of BSV. “At first I thought it was just all the dank memes that was driving up the price. But then I had a play with the actual token and the Handcash app, which I hoped was like tinder for handjobs but it’s not, but anyway it’s actually really easy to use. Fees are tiny, transactions are instant. It’s quite a novel concept, having a cryptocurrency that actually works. I wish the BTC devs had thought of something like this.”

Despite delisting BSV earlier in the year, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell admits he was a complete dickhead to think he would be able to have any impact on the price. “What I’ve come to realise is that coins that chase exchange listings are like that desperate girl at the party that you just know has probably slept with every guy in the room. Now I’m looking over at Bitcoin SV and my customers are abusing me every day for making them miss the trade of the year. I feel like I broke up with the perfect woman and I don’t know how to get her back.” Jesse’s tears were starting to smear our notes so we cut the interview short.