BTC Podcast

BTC user decides to launch a podcast seeing he can’t actually use the coin

New BTC aficionado Ben Smith has announced a new podcast about the cryptocurrency after reaching a dead end with several other ideas he had to utilise the coin. He had a chat with CoinBlockDesk about his decision and explained his excitement.

CBD: Hi Ben. We hear you’re launching a podcast. You say you had other ideas you tried earlier though?

BS: Yeah I’m super excited to announce the podcast. I have over 85 followers on Twitter so seeing With my growing popularity I thought it might be wise to leverage my audience into a full time income.

CBD: Yeah of course. So what made you decide a podcast was your next step in BTC?BS: Well, as you mentioned, at first I tried a few other businesses centred around Bitcoin. I played with a website that would accept micropayments. But that collapsed pretty quickly.CBD: What about usi
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