Full time crypto trader explains why he needs to promote men’s deodorant on Twitter

Surprising a number of his followers with a recent deodorant sponsored post on Twitter was self proclaimed successful full time crypto trader @cryptobossman69gainz.

Following the tweet many of the followers thought it was brilliant satire by the allegedly wealthy investor who would never need to stoop to such depths as promoting anti perspirants to an army of twitter trolls.

After it became clear the post was legit, confusion set in. “I can’t understand why someone who says he keeps making 10x or 100x gains each month on these sick alts would need supplement their income with this kind of trash,” lamented Hodldeeznuts27. “Maybe Komodo isn’t going to pump this week as he promised.”

Another devout follower says he regrets getting a tattoo of XRP now after wondering if @cryptobossman69gainz really knew what he was doing.

We spoke briefly with @cryptobossman69gainz before he had to go “hit the gym”.

“Bro I’m telling you, you take a few sponsored post ads from these companies, help them pump their shit, get your followers to buy it, and the gains you make will blow your mind. I used to just make money by telling my followers to by small cap alts after I’d already bought them, and it would essentially have a self fulfilling prophecy kind of effect. So they thought I was a genius, but of course I’d just dump the shit 2 hours after my post. Hey you’re not going to publish any of this are you? Are we on the record?”


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